Наталья Иванова

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 Natalia Ivanova

 Composer, performing songwriter,poet, artist, psychologist

Русская версия

Born in Orenburg to the family of an officer.

Education: comprehensive secondary school, music school (piano class), Leningrad Institution of Civil Engineering, post graduate course of studies, qualifying examinations for the Candidate degree.

Attended the department of voice-training of the artistic studio attached to Lenkoncert (Leningrad Concert Company). Winner of "Young Voices” prize.  Accompanies herself playing the piano and the guitar.

In 1994 became awardee of the "Song of the Year” television song contest  as composer: her song "Women are Divided into the Happy and the Unhappy Ones” (Lyrics by A.Krongauz) was performed by V.Tolkunova.

In 1990, as performing songwriter, participated in the pop song contest held in Zlotow (Poland).

Took part in the First All-Union Seminar for Songwriting Composers organized in 1980 in Dilijan (Armenia) by the USSR Composers Union and the USSR Committee for TV and Radio Broadcasting.

Member of the Russian Federation Union of Concert Workers.


  • more than 500 songs  in multiple genres,
  • music to stage plays:  "Be Ready, Your Highness"  based on a story by L.Kassil, "Jeans Overcoat" based on a play by Agnieszka Osiecka as staged and filmed by the Television of Poland,
  • music to the  "Conflict" feature film made at the "Alma-Ata Film" studio
  • music to the "Romashka” ("Chamomile”) TV programme for children  produced and broadcast by the Television of Leningrad.

Her songs used to be performed by such star pop singers as: L.Dolina, I.Kobzon, V.Leontev,  E.Pieha, M.Pakhomenko, T.Kalinchenko, E.Khil, V.Tolkunova, М.Suvorova, I.Gvozdeva, G.Uletova, I.Ponarovskaya, N.Gnatyuk, the Zaitsev sisters, Yana Kotsianova (Slovakia), Eva Blaschek (Poland) and many others.

Songs by Natalia Ivanova are to be found in reserve holdings of multiple Russian and foreign broadcasting studios. Programmes dedicated to her oeuvre were recorded and cast by different radio stations of Russia for example "Mayak”("Beacon”),   "Nadezhda” ("Hope”), "Voice of Russia”, "Radio-1”, "Radio Baltica”, "Narodnoye [People’s] Radio”, "Radio RTV Podmoskobye [Moscow Region]”. "Radio-Retro”, "Auto Radio” and other, including  those doing international broadcasting.

Natalia Ivanova has had three CD albums recorded made up of songs of her own composition and performance: "Let’s Come Together”. "My Angel” and "My Name Day”.

She set to music verses by many famous classical and modern poets: I.Severyanin, F.Tyutchev, A.Pushkin,  M.Tsvetayeva, S.Nadson, R.Kazakova, A.Dementev, R.Rozhdestvensky, Kushvakha Shakuntala (India),  Otto Manninen (Finland).

Among her songs there are also ones to her own lyrics: "Cossack’s Wife”, "Two Windows”, "Carnival”,  "Leshiy” ("Wood-goblin”), "Ole Lukikoye”, "You Remember”, "Flax”, "Bitter”, "My Name Day”, "How Weird is the Way we Live on Earth” etc.

Major  TV programmes about Natalia Ivanova’s creative activity were also produced by TV studios all over Russia: in Nizhniy Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk, Kaliningrad, Tyumen, Perm, Dudinka, Leningrad, Moscow and so on.

Natalia Ivanova participated in such popular TV programmes as: "Musical Booth”, "Igor Ugolnikov’s Evening Show ”, "Andrei Malakhov’s Morning Show ”, "Before the Mirror”, "Good Evening, Moscow”, "Blue Light”, "Queen of Trump”, "Sunday”, "Navigator” "Day by Day”, "Lilac Fog”.

Natalia Ivanova’s lyrics and articles about her appeared in the following magazines: "Smena” ("Young Generation”) - three times, "Ogonek” ("Spark”) - three times, "Natalie” - three times, "Otchizna” ("Fatherland”), "Tourist”, "Sovetskaya Zheschina” ("Soviet Woman”) – four times, as well as in multiple Russian and foreign newspapers.

In March 1994 her photo was placed on the cover of the  "Mir Zhenschiny” ("Woman’s World”) magazine.

Natalia Ivanova gave recitals in practically all major cities of Russia and former USSR, as well as abroad (in the USA, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Cyprus, Egypt, Finland and Sweden).

Her concert were held at the most prestigious and popular stages of Moscow ("Friendship House”, Central Art Workers House, Central Artist’s House, Central House of Culture of  Railway Personnel, "Journalists House”, "Scientists House”, Polish cultural centre, Polytechnic Museum, "Olympic Village” concert hall.

She also participated in performances organized at the "Indian Cultural Centre", Variety Theatre, the Column Hall of the House of Unions, the Moscow Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

In 1995 as performing songwriter she took part in the "Mankind Future without Landmines” gala show held under the patronage of the UNESCO Director General Federico Major in Geneva (Switzerland). 

Among other participants of the venue were: Irina Arkhipova (Russia), Grace Bumbry (USA), Simona Estenza (USA), Ilya Marinkovich (Austria), Zurich Opera Ballet, the composer Pupo (Italy), the harp player Vincenzo Zitello (Italy). Besides, in Geneva Natalia Ivanova gave a recital (as performing songwriter) at the opening ceremony of the "Everything for the Household” International Exhibition.

In 1997 two books of  hers were released by "Petro-Rif” publishers that are written in the detective love story genre: "Loneliness Syndrome” and "The Weird Week, from Friday to Friday”. Her two essays, as well as lyrics of two songs and Swiss landscapes drawn by her, appeared in the "To You, Saint Petersburg” almanac.

In 2004 the "Kompositor” (”Composer”) publishers issued a collection of Natalia Ivanova’s songs music  under the title "Let’s Come Together”.

Her drawings and paintings were exhibited in Warsaw (Poland), Australia, Japan, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

In 2003 Natalia Ivanova graduated from the Department of Family Psychology of Moscow Teachers’ Training University, thus turning qualified psychologist.  At the "Radio RTV Podmoskobye [Moscow Region]” she host a programme under the title  "On a Visit to the Family Psychologist”. The Russian Federation Ministry of Culture awarded Natalia Ivanova the  "For Cultural Contribution” plaque and the "Saint Petersburg’s 300th Anniversary” medal.

Please, mail requests for having Natalia Ivanova’s recitals held to: http:n-i.narod.ru, ng-i@mail.ru

Russian Federation  2007.

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